About Us

Small Business Group Insurance Specialists

While most companies would use this page just to talk about themselves, we think it should really be about YOU. After all, without you, there'd be no reason for us.

So...here's what you can expect to get when you select BBI Benefits as your group insurance broker:

  • Maximum cost efficiency - really
  • Well-thought-out, strategic insurance plans - not just knee-jerk reactions
  • Better communications -- between your insurance broker (that's us!), you, and your employees
  • Better use of your time - because we handle the insurance administration problems when they arise, free of charge
  • Happier, more productive employees - because they're getting better, more cost-efficient benefits than ever before

OK, we really should tell you something about us.

First and foremost, we're small business group insurance specialists. Our 300+ clients run the gamut - from retail companies to manufacturing establishments, from professional practices to technology companies.

That enables us to be your ideal resource for every benefits-related problem you will ever have. Think of us as your "benefits quarterback" - helping guide your business toward success with an insurance game plan designed specifically for you and your business and not just some generic, off-the-shelf plan from an anonymous mega-insurance company.

Our specialties include:

  • Group Health Insurance
  • Group Dental Insurance
  • Group Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Group Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Voluntary Insurance (LTD, STD, Dental, Life)

Our Team

What helps make BBI different is our people - our team is made up of the most caring, experienced, and dedicated insurance professionals in the business. Each one brings specialized skills to the party, with combined expertise to address every aspect of group insurance.

Jim Edholm

Jim EdholmI entered the insurance business in -- God help me -- 1975, and I first began dabbling in group insurance in 1982.

I quit doing anything else in 1992, and candidly, I've never looked back. But it's not all about BBI...

I legitimately love the group benefits business (and pardon my burgeoning ego, but I think I have a bit of a flair for it), but I have to admit, I'd prefer to find a warmer climate in which to do it.

But New England is now home (Chicago used to be, and it still exerts its siren song at least a couple of times a year), so warm or cold, here I am and here I'll remain.

While I spend most of my time thinking about BBI, my other passions are travel (anywhere's fine, but Europe is both my particular favorite and that of my wife, Kathy.)

I also like -- no love -- golfing, although as you can see from the picture above, boating isn't so bad either... as long as I can get my friend, Clark, to do the maintenance on the boat!

In fact, anything in warm weather is OK with me.

And speaking -- I love that too.

Some people say perhaps too much... but I don't let that stop me. If you have ANY professional organization that would like to hear from someone on benefits, benefit cost control, the latest developments in health care... anything to do with benefits -- let me know.

Click on the contact page and call me, email me, whatever. I'll be there. I promise you, it won't just be about BBI... I work very hard to pack up-to-the-minute information that's useful to whatever audience I address!

Doreen Mason

Doreen's been with me longer than anyone -- since 1999. When you're talking about BBI, she's the first subject to come up.

Doreen heard about BBI through the husband of a former employee, and I heard about her when I was looking for help.

When we first met, we decided in about five minutes that I couldn't afford anyone as experienced as she is with as much executive talent as she has.

She was an underwriter at both Delta Dental and Blue Cross of New Hampshire. Then she went into marketing management... she'd done everything except work for a (then) pipsqueak company.

But we enjoyed each other's company and the thought processes we both shared, to say nothing of the complimentary strengths (She's organized, I'm not. I'm a global thinker (big picture), she figures how to get things done on time... you get the idea.)

So we spent the next half hour figuring out how we could make the "deal" happen, irrespective of my inability to afford her.

Doreen's primary responsibilities are

  • working with a select group of clients to keep their accounts running smoothly,
  • implementing our state-of-the-art HR Information System and training clients in how to get the most value from it
  • overseeing all internal operations of BBI

Chip Brogan

Then there's Chip Brogan. He joined me in March of 2006, after spending 11 years with Mutual of Omaha's Boston sales office -- as both manager and as a broker representative sales executive. He found out about BBI because he was our representative while there.

Prior to that, he was with the Grandaddy of all Disabiliy companies, UNUM for 8 years.

As they say, he's forgotten more about group STD, LTD, Life, and Dental than most brokers ever knew.

We met while he was with Mutual of Omaha, and he helped me help clients, so long before he joined us, he was around and about BBI for a while.

He works with existing clients and is also active in selectively adding new members to our family of happy clients.

Biff Moriarty

I’ve known William “Biff” Moriarty socially for about twenty years, and I’ve used him professionally for the last ten years. Biff has worked since 2002 in the “voluntary benefits” arena. Prior to that he had almost 25 years in marketing and property/casualty insurance. So he has a wide breadth of experience that matches up nicely with our clients’ needs.

Regarding voluntary benefits, they are great things – employees love them because they help the employee meet his needs, and you should love them because they cost you nothing.

And Biff helped me help my clients on several occasions over the years. But then in the summer of 2011 he approached me because he wanted to broaden the services he could provide for his clients and wanted to get involved with BBI in the group insurance area. That matched perfectly with my emerging need for additional support for our clients … so we “did a deal.”

Now Biff is heading up (in addition to working in the group insurance/benefits arena) our Voluntary Benefits Division. He allows us to take our voluntary benefits to the same level of expertise as we do our group benefits. We now have working relationships with seven different voluntary benefits insurers.

This is good for your firm. Generally, if you want voluntary benefits, you have to somehow select a carrier – and they all tell you they’re the best. But they’re not necessarily perfect for your people. Having Biff and his knowledge control the process guarantees that we can meet the very specific needs of your employees without having to be stuck with a company that’s “almost perfect.”

Unusual for somebody with so much experience, Jim Edholm remains deeply curious about his business. He tracks changes in the law, changes in regulations, and changes in interpretations of those regulations. Jim is constantly looking for a different and better way to put together benefit plans, and he recognizes the different needs and obligations faced by companies of different sizes, different revenue streams, and different employee demographics.

Not surprisingly, Jim has assembled a deep roster of talent at BBI – we are comfortable dealing with everybody in the company and confident that they will find the answer to questions that have not even occurred to us. I cannot imagine using anybody but BBI.

Bob Gilbert, Managing Partner
Gilbert and Renton
Andover, MA

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