Yes, I want to create more Free Cash Flow!

I understand that right now I have no one on my side or on my company’s side in the health care cost battle.

Doctors and hospitals want more profit, so they obviously want my costs to go up faster than their cost of operation. They’re not trying to help me.

Insurance carriers, despite all their blather about reducing costs, are limited by ACA to limit claims to 80% of premiums, so if premiums go up, so do their operating margins. So they’re not on my side.

And now I find out that my broker probably wants my premiums to go up too because he’s generally paid a percentage of premiums. So he’s not really on my side.

But you’ve said that you can reduce my cost by $1,000 - $1,500 per employee per year – and your book contains 13 specific strategies that will help me decide if I might want to use your services to drive down my costs without reducing my benefits. I’m willing to consider that possibility.

Send me your book, End Runs Around Obamacare, so I can see if the strategies in it can help me generate more EBITDA. I understand this is a REAL book on REAL paper, so here's my mailing info:

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