Attention HR Managers and Professionals

Attention HR Managers and Professionals:

Does Your Benefits Broker Help You Fulfill Your HR Management Obligations?

Or is he/she just interested in group coverages?

If you think a group broker’s job is to get you quotes, find affordable coverage and help settle claims problems … you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg!

Back in the “old days,” when life was simpler, that’s what brokers were — good guys or gals that quoted your business every year, suggested plan design alternatives, and helped out when somebody had a claim problem.

But that’s not what you ought to expect today.

It’s different. Your obligations as the head of HR have exploded. Employees demand, carriers restrict, and Department of Labor jackals hide behind every corner and under every desk.

What you need is someone who can give strategic advice, support in the areas where you lack resources, and creativity in allocating your corporate dollars. For example:

Small Employers (1-50 employees)

You’ve lowered the benefits about as far as they can go, and your broker is out of ideas, silently praying that you don’t blame her for her fecklessness.

But you should. There are (granted, limited) options to explore. Options where you can take advantage of insurance structure to be proactive and to potentially lower both your health care costs and your year-to-year rate of increase.

Sound like something you’d like to evaluate. Click to request the free in-depth report “An End Run Around Obamacare.”

Larger Employers (51-150 employees)

Your firm is really in the crosshairs of the enforcement agencies. DOL has announced that they intend to “inspect” every group health plan in the country. Fines for non-compliance can be staggering … and when you remember that our government spends $600 Billion more than they take in, you can bet that they’re looking for a source of revenue.

What do you do about Sexual Harassment Training? The average settlement is $464,000 and the average cost of defense is over $100,000. How are you protecting yourself against an adverse outcome?

How do you currently handle (afford) training for other operational concerns such as

  • OSHA,
  • safety,
  • hazardous materials handling,
  • environmental,
  • customer service,
  • interviewing and hiring,
  • background checks, and on and on and on?

How do you keep up with the ever-growing insertion of government at all levels into the operation of your company and your relationship with your employees?

How close has your broker moved you to a “totally hands off” enrollment process?

At what stage of development is your long-term health cost control strategy? Do you even have a strategy that goes beyond the current renewal? It is possible and you should have one.

If any of those questions gives you pause, why not download the free Health Care Cost Control Toolkit. Click on “An End Run Around Obamacare.”

And if you’d like to do a quick check of the HR risks you may be running without knowing it, ask for our “Quick HR Audit.”

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