Small business insurance comes in a bewildering array of sizes, flavors, and costs. That's why it's so easy for small business owners to pay too much for too little - or for more than they need.

To find out how we can help you reduce costs....increase benefits...improve employee relations...and eliminate administrative hassles, check out our group insurance programs that we can custom-design to fit your needs and your budget:

Group Health Insurance

HMO? PPO? HSA? HRA? Self-funding? What should you choose? Group health insurance is the second-largest expense for most small business owners, right behind salaries. Our clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire know that what's different about us is our process -- analyzing and evaluating the wide range of healthcare options, carriers, plan designs, state and federal laws, and other factors to create the perfect plan for you. We guarantee that you'll hear more ideas from us than from any other broker.

Group Dental Insurance

Group dental insurance is perhaps the most popular coverage with employees, but many small business owners think it's too expensive to offer. In reality, you have more control over a dental insurance plan than you might think. We can mix-and-match benefits and plan provisions to create an affordable, valuable group dental plan that your employees will love and you can actually afford.

Group Disability Insurance

The ability to work is everyone's greatest asset -- lose that, lose your income and perhaps your life's savings.

The two categories of group disability insurance- long-term and short-term - fill different needs. Which is best for your company? Both? None? Either? We help you make that evaluation.

What's more, unlike life insurance, disability insurance is tricky - different companies and policies handle claims very differently - what's covered by one isn't covered by another. We know who pays, how they pay, and we can design a disability insurance program to meet your specific needs and potential claims.

Group Voluntary Insurance

Group life insurance is a great way to help employees protect their families' futures. Providing it - at amazingly low cost - helps create peace-of-mind for your employees while helping them fulfill family obligations. As an employer you get benefits too -

  • higher employee morale,
  • greater loyalty,
  • lower turnover.

We can custom-tailor a group life insurance program to fit your business, industry, and employees that'll put a smile on everyone's face.

Group Voluntary Insurance

Voluntary insurance programs enable employers to balance employee need with today's tighter budgets.

Every one of your employees is unique, each with a unique set of family needs. Gone are the days when one-size-fits-all benefits were good enough for everyone.

We can develop a group voluntary insurance plan that can be a complete employee-paid package or a supplement to your existing group insurance. Your employees get the ability to buy exactly the coverage they need at competitive rates while you get to preserve your budget and your bottom line.

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