Strategy Session

ATTN HR Managers, read every word of this:

As an HR Manager for a company with15-150 employees, you know just how overburdened you are. In the words of one of our clients, “I face ever-changing Federal and state laws that I get bulletins about… but I don’t know if they apply to companies under 50, or in our kind of business, etc.” You can have your company pay attorneys (big money) to answer those questions or to get you out of the trouble that governmental compliance bureaucrats are just waiting to spring on you if you don’t ask.

Or you can — inexpensively — empower your department to keep you from getting cited in the first place. The HR Department can be your company’s first bulwark of defense against the hostile hordes of bureaucrats eager to plunder your wealth.

For 30+ years I’ve seen the ever-encroaching reach of government bureaucracies and the burden it puts on HR Departments of companies your size, and it alarms me. So I’ve added services to my employee benefits work that are designed to help you reduce turnover, enhance productivity, reduce compliance and lawsuit risks and give your overburdened HR department the depth of resources that your much larger competitors have.

Now is the time to protect your company from the iceberg filled waters your HR department struggles to navigate. Request your free no-obligation Strategy Session today.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll visit your office and gather initial information about current benefits and HR practices. Post visit, we’ll do a full analysis of that data.
  • Then we’ll schedule a second visit to come to your office and spend an hour identifying, addressing and discussing the areas in which BBI can help you avoid potential HR and benefit risk and will suggest approaches that will help you reduce that risk and leave you with a written summary of our findings.
  • You can either take that information back to your current advisors to attempt to implement, or you can decide to team up with BBI to aggressively and more thoroughly attack those areas where you need help and profit from those savings we can identify.

You can request the BBI Advanced Benefits/HR Strategy Session© in one of four ways:

  1. SCHEDULE NOW! Fill out the form below or on the left side of this page, then schedule your Session via the automated calendar.
  2. You can call BBI at 978-474-4730 and talk to any team member to request the Strategy Starter Kit©. It identifies the information we’ll need for our first 30-minute meeting, and we’ll rush it to your attention that very same day. We’ll also set the time for the initial 30-minute meeting.
  3. Or you can fax BBI at 978-474-4379, giving us your name, address and phone number. We’d also like you to suggest an appropriate time for the initial 30-minute consultation and data gathering session. We’ll set the appointment, and we’ll get your information sent to your attention the same day.
  4. You can email your name, address and phone number to and I’ll personally set the appointment and arrange to ship your Strategy Starter Kit© immediately.
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