The cost of people – salaries, benefits, productivity (or lack of it) is the largest single cost factor that most businesses face.

And as a smaller employer – 20-150 employees – you face unique challenges. Everyone at your firm wears multiple hats, and you can’t afford the deep HR resources that your larger competitors have.

To most group benefits brokers, that’s a fact of life they choose to ignore – to your detriment. But at BBI we take it as a challenge.

Since 1982 we have been serving the smaller employer community, and we’ve worked with firms like yours over that 33+ year period. We understand your problems, and for years we’ve worked to solutions to your problems, to provide MORE than group benefits quotes and a smiling face.

No, our challenge to ourselves is to provide you with the resources and support activities that put you on a competitive par with those large firms. And we provide most services at no cost to you.

Investing in our clients instead of investing in advertising is how we market.

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  • The CEO and CFO page shows how we impact your bottom line through the services we provide.
  • The HR Manager page shows how we streamline your job, ease your burden, and free you up to pay attention to the important side of HR, the human side.

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