Are You Sick of the Co$t And Administrative Hassles
Of Your Group Benefit Programs?

Small business group insurance can be affordable & easy to administer -
but only if you have the right insurance partner working for YOU.


Group insurance - health, dental, life, and disability - for companies with up to 250 employees is all we do.

At BBI, we live, eat, and breathe group insurance for companies just like yours. And we understand your problems. We know what it's like to keep up with the reporting requirements, the COBRA and HIPAA regulations, trying to get the most out of your plan for your employees. You don't have the staff - or the time - to do it all.

We've helped over 300 Eastern MA and Southern NH businesses just like yours get better coverage for less money and with less stress. We'll show you how to:

  • spend less on benefits
  • get more for your money
  • get rid of program administration hassles
  • have healthier, happier employees

Why hire just a broker when you can hire an insurance partner for the same money - or less?


Learn more about how BBI can save you
time, money, and headaches on:

Group Health Insurance | Dental Coverage | Short Term Disability
Long Term Disability | Volunteer Benefits


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